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Talent Mine

Uncover Individual Strengths: Candidates complete a suite of assessments that apply decades of research with top performers within five key job categories by industry to identify candidate strengths.

Talent Match

Align Individual Strengths for Success: Job Experts complete online job analyses to customize the success priorities to match candidates with the demands of the job and values of the culture within each target position of study.

+ Predictive Screeners  + Behavioral Interviews   + Selection Assessments

TalentMine® Job Seekers

Lead with Your Strengths. Let Your Strengths Get You Discovered.

Begin your new career journey through discovering your leading strengths. By completing TalentMine®, your portfolio is automatically available to the TalentMine® Premiere Network of Employers only when your strengths and interests align with an employer's specifications for an open position. Receive customized reports about you that you can share with others. Prepare for interviews with questions to ask based on your Leading Strengths. Navigate your Career. Best of all, it's FREE and of NO RISK to you.

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