About Us


TalentMine® is a global, performance-based talent assessment and development system with real-time analytics and reports to help employers understand and manage their people and culture to improve service quality, employee retention and business results.

TalentMine's seasoned team of scientists have developed and refined measures to accurately capture the talents of top-performing employees, and the cultural consistencies of top-performing business units. TalentMine’s measurement instruments help employers identify and develop the strengths of high potential Managers, Professionals, Team, Sales & Service Associates across industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Transportation and more.

Based on three decades of researching highly successful employees and managers, TalentMine® assessments generate career management summaries and developmental reports for candidates to apply their strengths for impact. Recruiters and hiring managers receive predictive reports and recommendations to hire, on-board and develop talent for target positions across the organization.