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The Developmental Feedback below provides recommendations to help maximize your individual impact and improve your overall performance in applying your core strengths and managing your weaknesses.

Focus on Your Potential

Driving to Succeed
You are a moderately motivated individual with the ability to stretch yourself and others to higher levels of performance.

 You strive to be the best as compared to others. Because you naturally apply external measures of
    success, compare yourself to best in class competitors, who will challenge you to be at your best.

 You are more motivated by quality, than productivity. While your precision and standards are
    valuable, break down your deliverables to define simple steps to reach your ideal. Then, set
    aggressive timelines with attainable requirements at each step.

 You are not driven by an urgent need to get things done. In order to be most productive at work, it
    is important that you have clearly defined tasks that you are accountable to achieve within a
    required period of time.

 It is important to you that you receive recognition for your accomplishments. Identify those
    associates whose recognition you value most and let them know their feedback is important to you.

 When others will get frustrated and quit, you will tend to endure. Apply your tenacity to help you
    achieve important objectives that merit the time and effort required for success.

Relating to People
You are effective at influencing and interacting with others to increase your overall work performance.

 Your care and concern for others will help you in developing trusted relationships that last.
    Recognize the value of the relationships you have built and continue to invest in individuals
    who most appreciate and support you business needs and mission.

 You will spontaneously invest your time to develop others. For the greatest return on your
    investment, be sure that you focus your efforts to develop those individuals who bring a high level
    of natural aptitude in the areas your select to develop.

 You possess the ability to engage others in new relationships. Recognize that those around you may
    feel less at ease among strangers, and apply your talent to help others feel comfortable.

 You will naturally be compelled to do what it takes to exceed the expectations of your internal and
    external customers. Be sure you understand the expectations of your customers that are outside of
    your control, so you know how to follow through on commitments to improve service quality.

You possess the cognitive ability to effectively interpret, diagnose and solve problems to achieve success.

 You do a good job of listening and collecting the information needed to understand the root of a
    problem. Apply your talent and seek opportunities to diagnose and resolve issues that could
    inhibit the success of you or your team.

 You are effective at simplifying a complex problem to build a manageable plan that prompts
    continual progress. Help others understand how you have broken down the project or problem and
    how your plan will improve your success rate in achieving results.

 You may at times underestimate the implications associated with a complex task. Don't assume you
    know what it requires to achieve success for a significant project, and be sure to obtain detailed
    feedback from the experts closest to the action in setting timeline expectations or making decisions.

Getting the Job Done
You demonstrate natural ability for consistently following through on tasks and getting the job done.

 You consistently drive projects to completion. Apply your gift through teams and committees
    where others need your help to build momentum and hit the desired goal.

 You sometimes tend to change your focus as you evaluate your likelihood to succeed within a
    current course of action. In order to minimize the uncertainty and lost productivity that
    accompanies change, take time to communicate the purpose behind your decision to those who are
    affected by it.

 Your courage will help you to confront situations that others will tend to avoid. While this talent is
    valuable to your success, understand the implications of a direct approach with those who lack
    courage. For example, in providing negative feedback to an associate, objectively discuss the
    actions that need to change without attacking the character of the individual.

 You feel a sense of responsibility that generally pushes you to follow through on your commitments.
    Be sure that you consistently make obligations that are within your capacity to deliver.

 Your organization and attention to detail will consistently contribute to your work quality. You will
    find that you gain satisfaction in positions where accuracy and precision are appreciated and

  1. While you stimulate a fun working environment, you may tend to lose sight of the results you are accountable to achieve. Increase your productivity through measurable goals and apply your charisma to help celebrate significant successes.
  2. You will naturally take extra time to be sure you execute a job perfectly. While this is valuable at times, be discriminating in the details that merit the delay of a project's completion.
  3. You have the ability to diagnose a problem and execute a solution. To efficiently solve a complex problem, purposefully review and apply your leading Cognition and Execution strengths for
    improved results.
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