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Results from the TalentMineĀ® Inventories are displayed in your Career Management Summary. The details below will help you discover your strengths, focus on your potential and apply your strengths for impact in your daily work.

Discover Your Strengths

The Pie Chart Summary captures your leading strengths from a core group that has consistently distinguished high levels of performance across jobs and companies. When applied correctly, these strengths can help you achieve success throughout your career. The larger the percentage of strength displayed on the Pie Chart, the more frequently you would be expected to demonstrate the behaviors that comprise that strength as summarized below.

  1. The Pie Chart outlines your performance across Four Impact Categories.
  2. The Roll-Over Key to the Left defines your Strengths per Impact Category.
  3. The Pop-Up Pie Charts provide percentage results for the Strengths within each Category.


Achievement: Internally Motivated * Urgent * Productive * Driven by an Insatiable Need to Improve * Proactive * Action Oriented * Focused on Measurable Results
Expectation: Externally Motivated * Sets High Expectations and Performance Standards* Confident * Never Settles for Less than the Best * Believes in Potential to Succeed * Desires Credit for Accomplishments * Optimist * Pushes Self and Others to Higher Levels of Performance
Persistence: Demonstrates Conviction in Pursuit of a Goal * Resilient * Motivated to Persist in the Face of Resistance * Energetic * Optimistic * Proactively Promotes Progress Towards a Desired Result * Sticks with a Task When Others Quit * High Stamina Enables Ability to Endure Over Time


Initiator: Good at Initiating Relationships * Outgoing * Positive * Works to Win the Favor of Others * Stimulates a Fun Work Environment * Conversationalist * Puts Others at Ease
Relator: Good at Maintaining Relationships * Caring * Approachable * Sensitive * Empathetic * Values Strengths of Associates * Seeks Opinions of Others * Considerate of How Actions Impact Others
Developer: Seeks Opportunities to Develop Others * Encourages and Rewards Individual Successes * Values the Contribution of Others * Individualizes to Leverage the Unique Strengths of Team Associates * Spontaneously Provides Positive Feedback to Help Others Improve * Genuine * Caring
Service: Enjoys Helping and Supporting Others * Altruistic * Empathetic to the Feelings of Others* Takes Time to Listen * Seeks Opportunities to Exceed Customers' Expectations * Motivated by the Need to Feel Needed by Others * Values the Customer's Perspective
Team: Committed to Team Associates * Takes Accountability for Team Success * Inspired by United Goals * Cooperative * Works Well with Others * Seeks Interdependent Work Culture * Builds Mutually Supportive Relationships * Loyal to the Mission of the Group * Motivated by Group Recognition


Common Sense: Intuitive * Street Smart * Effective at Simplifying Complex Problems to Reach a Solution * Aware * Logical * Quickly Interprets and Understands New Information * Able to Review an Opportunity and Identify the Variables Necessary to Achieve Success
Analytical: Conceptual * Consistently Applies Data in Decision Making * Tends to Recognize Patterns * Transfers Experience to Novel Situations * Anticipates Outcomes to a Sequence of Events * Thorough * Creates Models and Theories to Interpret Data * Understands Relationships Among a Set of Variables
Problem Solver: Effectively Isolates the Source of Problem * Ask Questions * Develops Through Understanding of Problem Before Considering Solutions * Applies Diagrams and Charts to Make a Point * Motivated by the Challenge of a Tough Problem * Takes Accountability for Resolution


Responsibility: Conscientious * Reliable * Accepts Accountability for Results * Follows Through and Keeps Commitments * Trusted * Dependable * Takes Ownership for Work Quality
Structure: Organized * Plans Ahead * Punctual * Demonstrates Efficient Time Management * Attentive to Detail * Perfectionist * Creates Order * Tends to be Precise and Accurate
Direction: Provides Consistent Direction * Demonstrates Clarity of Purpose * Predictable * Future Thinker * Goal Oriented * Effective at Prioritizing Daily Tasks to Reach Long Term Goals * Tends to Foster Stable Work Environment
Courage: Naturally Confronts Conflict * Takes Control of a Situation * Direct * Risk Taker * Stands Up for Self and Others * Takes Action as Needed * Tends to Immediately Address Issues and Prompt Resolution * Closer * Not Afraid to Ask for Business
Safety: Careful * Aware * Anticipates Hazardous Situations * Avoids Unnecessary Risks * Spontaneously Plans for Safety * Upholds High Standards for Safety * Obeys Rules * Takes Safe Practices Seriously

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