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Recruiter: Develop Candidate Strengths
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Candidate: Chris Anderson
Job Position: Manager - Corporate
Application Posted: 05/28/2008

The Developmental Feedback below provides recommendations to help maximize your individual
impact and improve your overall performance in applying your core strengths and managing your weaknesses.

Focus on Your Potential

Driving to Succeed

Relating to People


Getting the Job Done
1.  You are overall effective at interacting with others and possess strong problem solving ability. Apply your problem solving skills to help in resolving conflicts among members of your team.
2.  Your ability to take action and drive tasks to closure will consistently contribute to your success at work. You will tend to find your work most rewarding when you surround yourself with associates who share your energy.
3.  Your drive and courage will consistently contribute to your ability to activate results. You will add value in positions where you serve as an agent to prompt change and promote progress.

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