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Recruiter: Interpret Candidate Results
Candidate: Chris Anderson
Job Position: Manager - Corporate
Application Posted: 05/28/2008

Strengths & Interests Inventories
The Strengths and Interests Inventories measure candidates? leading strengths and their degree of fit with a target Job and Culture. The Strengths Inventory measures the candidate's strengths for a target position (Job Fit), and the Interests Inventory measures how well the candidate's needs and preferences match what is provided within the target Culture (Culture Fit).

Upon completion of the online TalentMine assessments, candidate reports are immediately available to assist in the selection decision. There are two reports that will be provided to the hiring manager.

Report #1 ? Job & Culture Match
The Job & Culture Match results are summarized through a one-page report with a Strengths Profile (bar chart) of talents that contribute to success within a target job family and a Job and Culture Match composite metric (score) called the TalentMine Index (TMI). The Candidate's Strengths Profile and TMI should always be considered along with the resume, application, behavioral interview results and other pertinent candidate data in making the final selection decision.

Strengths Profile
The Strengths Profile is presented through a Bar Chart of Talents that make up the Success Model for the appropriate Job Family. Different Talents are active and scored based on the position of hire. The Bar Chart enables you to compare the Talents of a Candidate for the open position with the Success Model of high performers. The greater the Talent as displayed on the bar chart the more frequently the candidate is likely to demonstrate the associated behaviors.

For the greatest value in a selection decision, the Strengths Profile should be reviewed prior to a Behavioral Interview where a hiring manager or recruiter can probe for evidence based on the results.

As summarized below, the Talents make up four Behavioral Impact Categories:

Motivation > Achievement, Expectation, Intensity
Interaction > Adaptability, Developer, Relator, Service, Team
Cognition > Analytical, Common Sense, Problem Solver
Execution > Responsibility, Structure, Direction, Courage, Safety


Achievement: Internally Motivated * Urgent * Productive * Driven by an Insatiable Need to Improve * Proactive * Action Oriented * Focused on Measurable Results
Expectation: Externally Motivated * Sets High Expectations and Performance Standards* Confident * Never Settles for Less than the Best * Believes in Potential to Succeed * Desires Credit for Accomplishments * Optimist * Pushes Self and Others to Higher Levels of Performance
Intensity: High Level of Energy in Daily Work * Thrives in a Fast-Paced Environment * Hard Working * Effectively Handles Stress * Likes to Be Busy * Possesses Stamina to Handle Long Hours


Initiator: Good at Initiating Relationships * Outgoing * Positive * Works to Win the Favor of Others * Stimulates a Fun Work Environment * Conversationalist * Puts Others at Ease
Relator: Good at Maintaining Relationships * Caring * Approachable * Sensitive * Empathetic * Values Strengths of Associates * Seeks Opinions of Others * Considerate of How Actions Impact Others
Developer: Seeks Opportunities to Develop Others * Encourages and Rewards Individual Successes * Values the Contribution of Others * Individualizes to Leverage the Unique Strengths of Team Associates * Spontaneously Provides Positive Feedback to Help Others Improve * Genuine * Caring
Service: Enjoys Helping and Supporting Others * Altruistic * Empathetic to the Feelings of Others* Takes Time to Listen * Seeks Opportunities to Exceed Customers' Expectations * Motivated by the Need to Feel Needed by Others * Values the Customer's Perspective
Team: Committed to Team Associates * Takes Accountability for Team Success * Inspired by United Goals * Cooperative * Works Well with Others * Seeks Interdependent Work Culture * Builds Mutually Supportive Relationships * Loyal to the Mission of the Group * Motivated by Group Recognition
Adaptability: Modifies Approach to Meet Unique Customer Needs * Flexible * Able to Juggle Multiple Projects Simultaneously * Manages Change with Ease * Regroups Quickly in Response to New Needs or Demands * Tends to Be More Open-Minded in Approach


Common Sense: Intuitive * Street Smart * Effective at Simplifying Complex Problems to Reach a Solution * Aware * Logical * Quickly Interprets and Understands New Information * Able to Review an Opportunity and Identify the Variables Necessary to Achieve Success
Analytical: Conceptual * Consistently Applies Data in Decision Making * Tends to Recognize Patterns * Transfers Experience to Novel Situations * Anticipates Outcomes to a Sequence of Events * Thorough * Creates Models and Theories to Interpret Data * Understands Relationships Among a Set of Variables
Problem Solver: Effectively Isolates the Source of Problem * Ask Questions * Develops Through Understanding of Problem Before Considering Solutions * Applies Diagrams and Charts to Make a Point * Motivated by the Challenge of a Tough Problem * Takes Accountability for Resolution


Responsibility: Conscientious * Reliable * Accepts Accountability for Results * Follows Through and Keeps Commitments * Trusted * Dependable * Takes Ownership for Work Quality
Structure: Organized * Plans Ahead * Punctual * Demonstrates Efficient Time Management * Attentive to Detail * Perfectionist * Creates Order * Tends to be Precise and Accurate
Direction: Provides Consistent Direction * Demonstrates Clarity of Purpose * Predictable * Future Thinker * Goal Oriented * Effective at Prioritizing Daily Tasks to Reach Long Term Goals * Tends to Foster Stable Work Environment
Courage: Naturally Confronts Conflict * Takes Control of a Situation * Direct * Risk Taker * Stands Up for Self and Others * Takes Action as Needed * Tends to Immediately Address Issues and Prompt Resolution * Closer * Not Afraid to Ask for Business
Safety: Careful * Aware * Anticipates Hazardous Situations * Avoids Unnecessary Risks * Spontaneously Plans for Safety * Upholds High Standards for Safety * Obeys Rules * Takes Safe Practices Seriously

TalentMine Index (TMI): Job and Culture Fit Composite
The TalentMine Index (TMI) is a single score representing a candidate?s level of overall ?fit? for the target job and work culture. The higher the score, the better the projected overall fit. The TMI offers hiring managers an understanding of how well the candidate?s strengths and interests align with the job demands and what the workplace provides.

Through Focus Groups, Discovery Interviews and an Online Job and Culture Analysis, TalentMine calibrates a weighted match Index to fit the Target Culture for each Job Family of study. This weighted Culture Match Index (F Score) makes up 30 percent of the TMI Composite.

Job Fit (T Score) + Culture Fit (F Score) = TalentMine Index (TMI)

If a candidate?s Strengths Profile of Talents are high on the bar chart comparison, but the TMI score is low, this indicates the Job Match is high but the Culture Match is low. In short, the expectations of the candidate may be different than what is provided by the work environment. Clarification around expectations is important in this case.

Report #2 ? Develop Candidate Strengths
In addition to the Job & Culture Match Report to assist recruiters and hiring managers in the selection decision, a Career Management Summary and Developmental Report are provided to each candidate participant upon completion of the Inventories.

A copy of the candidate's Developmental Report can be found by clicking on the link to the left labeled "Develop Strengths". This report provides a summary of how a candidate can apply his or her strengths for success within each Behavioral Impact Category, along with overall developmental recommendations based on the unique strengths and limitations of the candidate.
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