Behavioral Interviews

The TalentMine® Behavioral Interviews are designed to administer following the TalentMine® Predictive Screener to “listen for” evidence to support screener results in making a final selection decision. As part of the final hiring decision, recruiters and hiring managers review the Online Job and Culture Match results of each candidate from the Predictive Screener, and then administer the appropriate behavioral questions for the open position. As consistent with all assessments in the TalentMine® suite, the behavioral interviews are developed based upon the study of high performers in each job family with custom content by industry. TalentMine® teaches recruiters and hiring managers to listen for success. For each item, candidate responses are scored based upon how they align with responses from the best in that job family. Through its database of items and analytics in the Research and Development Laboratory, TalentMine® will often customize behavioral assessments to best capture the values and competencies of focus within a culture.

Online Behavioral Interview Samples
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