R & D Lab

TalentMine® brings a distinct advantage through its proprietary Research and Development Laboratory in building custom assessments that can be administered online to trigger behavioral questions that can be administered by a recruiter or hiring manager. TalentMine® is one of only two assessment systems in North America with the capability for building custom assessments with historic data to support the validity, reliability and fairness of the field assessment.

The R&D lab also increases the efficiency by which TalentMine® can conduct concurrent and predictive research studies with robust reporting including more than 100 automated client summary reports. With a system to accurately track assessment performance, TalentMine® has the luxury of refining assessments by removing questions that do not contribute to performance results over time. TalentMine® Technical Reports and Executive Summaries consistently capture the reliability, validity and fairness (EEO compliance) of the assessment for the target job position.

+ R & D Lab Samples