Research Results

Industry leaders in talent research and measurement have applied combined expertise and decades of predictive research to build an accurate system for understanding, matching, and developing the inherent talents that contribute to peak personal performance and success within specific job categories.

TalentMine® applies both concurrent and predictive validity strategies to establish the relationship between the constructs measured in the assessment(s) and empirical job performance. TalentMine® prides itself in aggressively measuring the validity of its instruments.

Predictive Case Studies: Turnover

TalentMine® Predictive Assessments have consistently been found to reduce employee turnover.

In a pilot study with three healthcare divisions – Long-term Care, Retirement and Acute Care -- year over year turnover was reviewed as follows by the healthcare system of study.

First-year turnover was tracked for the 12-month period in 2006. TalentMine® was implemented to screen for positions across all three divisions at the end of 2006. First year turnover for the 12-month period in 2007 after the implementation of TalentMine® was tracked for all three divisions.

Results found a 55 percent overall reduction in first-year turnover for a total cost savings of $1,600,000 as computed by the system’s corporate financial team.

- A 58% reduction in total turnover for Long-term Care
- A 50% reduction in total turnover for Retirement
- A 50% reduction in total turnover for Acute Care

+ Long-term Care Results:          + Retirement Results:                 + Acute Care Results:


Predictive Case Studies: Sales Production and Service Quality

Through the application of TalentMine®, clients have:

- Increased Sales Production through the selection of Sales Associates recommended on TalentMine® who average 86% higher levels of production representing an additional $1.7 Billion in revenue in one year.
- Increased Service Quality through the selection of Service Associates recommended on TalentMine® who average 30% higher top box service quality ratings.

+ Sales Results:                                            + Service Results:


EEO Tracking & Compliance

TalentMine® collects demographic data as part of the development of all new assessments and interviews to design for fairness across protected classifications and manage compliance with EEO requirements. In addition, when demographic data is available and sample sizes are sufficient, TalentMine® captures results for the first 500 – 1,000 applicants and runs analyses to support compliance of scoring recommendations with the 4/5ths rule.

+ EEO Sample Report: