The TalentMine® software system was designed with three interconnected core applications – candidate interface, job expert interface and recruiter interface -- that share data in both development and production environments. A cluster of web servers and database servers support the production environment to manage load balancing during peak production and synchronize with mirrored facilities. The production and development environments are directed upon need to push data back to the Research and Development Laboratory for desired tracking and testing of the assessments.

Applications are managed through TalentMine®’s client management interface and customer service center with immediate response to serve Recruiter and Candidate needs. Global enhancements are made based on learning through the used venues to improve user experience and enhance value of results for Recruiters.

The modular structure of TalentMine®’s Client Management Interface allows for unique upgrades, enhancements and customization to be configured on its various applications based on the client’s specific needs and requests.