TalentMine® has operated at an annual 99% average level of availability and up time over the last ten years. TalentMine® systems are load balanced. Web Servers are clustered and Database servers are configured for redundancy. Taking full advantage of the clustered environment, the technical team is able to restart processes and servers with minimal impact to user experience. TalentMine® is able to gauge the right size for the system load, based on client size and projected usage in order to scale the system accordingly. TalentMine® has instituted the following precautions to recover from a disaster:

• Systems hosted with UPS backup and Generator powered.
• Data center situated on redundant power grid.
• Failover to redundant, external data center.

In the instance of a reported or anticipated incident or extreme emergency, the following actions are taken by TalentMine:
• Client is notified of anticipated or reported incident and severity classification
• TalentMine® replicates applications to external Disaster Recovery site
• TalentMine® switches to web servers at Disaster Recovery site
• Client is notified when applications are back online
• When main production facility is back online, TalentMine® will replicate applications to main facility for sync

The user experience is monitored and measured on an ongoing basis generating an annual average of 98 percent favorable ratings from candidates responding. Echoing the candidate perspective, national media touted the technical team with “best online service” for its intuitive online applications during the year of the initial TalentMine® release.