TalentMine® client data, housed on clustered servers, is segmented at the database level and permissions are restricted down to the field level. In addition, TalentMine® may further segment Client data on a separate database, allowing for more security and flexibility in the customization of their system. When data is communicated, SSL certificates for encryption are applied for protection. To detect intrusion, IP filtering and blocking are used to communicate with systems that have permission to use TalentMine® services and resources. These filters are monitored by the TalentMine® network team.

TalentMine® also has the following on-line and physical security measures in place to protect client data:

• Limited administrative users have access to candidate information.
• Physical access to the TalentMine systems is limited to select individuals.
• Biometric hand-scan and pin number required for physical access to servers.
• Data Center has 24/7 manned security.
• TalentMine’s Privacy Policy ensures information is never shared, sold or used in any way other than to assist
  Clients in the selection and development of candidates.
• Data transmitted to and from TalentMine’s system via ATS requires a security "handshake" and when
  necessary data compression and encryption.
• TalentMine Systems hosted with UPS backup and Generator powered.
• Data center situated on redundant power grid.
• Failover to redundant, external data center.